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Video Commercials Producer at Vista System

My Position at Vista System was mention in just for the clearance I'm still working at DonkyShot Films as film Director, writer and producer I left my position as the head of Marketing and Sales to Mr. Matan Melech, who's doing Great :)


"Alon Newman, formerly Head of sales at DonkyShot Films, has been appointed Film and Video Producer for Vista System. Newman, an esteemed award winning writer and director and an Emmy Awards nominated judge is responsible for directing and producing Vista System’s promotional and informative materials, bringing his extensive experience and unique perspective into the mix. ‘We have no doubt that this would take Vista System further ahead in a very competitive market. Our new vision, combined with Newman’s state-of-the-art cinematics and various social media platforms have already created a buzz in the industry,’ said Newman’s manager, Reut Reichbard, Marketing and Development Manager at Vista System."

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